Firm Overview

Tennessee and Mississippi Family Law Mediation Lawyer

You need a family law attorney that not only cares about your legal needs, but also how these issues will affect you in the future. Look no further. Mitzi C. Johnson, Attorney at Law, handles all aspects of family law including divorce, paternity and spousal support.

Attorney Mitzi C. Johnson believes in trying to resolve family law disputes in a civil way, leaving both parties able to interact positively in the future. This is especially important in cases involving children, where parents will need to interact frequently in making parenting decisions.

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Mitzi C. Johnson: Ready to Handle Anything and Everything

With more than 15 years of experience as a family law mediation attorney, Mitzi C. Johnson is ready to handle the challenges of your case. While mediation is preferred, especially in cases involving children, she has the extensive trial experience you need on your side in the event an amicable agreement cannot be reached.

A Friendly Environment to Discuss Your Legal Needs

The law office of Mitzi C. Johnson is located in the historic district of Collierville, Tennessee. She provides her clients with a casual yet professional environment. She, along with a friendly and experienced staff, is always accessible to her clients and ready to help tackle their complex family law needs.

Talk to an attorney who cares. Mitzi C. Johnson is dedicated to helping clients find workable solutions to their family law disputes. To discuss your legal needs with Mitzi C. Johnson, call 901.457.1209 or e-mail her today to schedule an appointment.