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In child support and child custody modification cases, attorney Mitzi C. Johnson encourages her clients and their children to be emotionally prepared. Modifying initial determinations requires proof. Options are presented, and parents have to be open and accepting to those offers.

Pursuing any type of modification can become expensive. Saving money through settlements is not the only advantage; you can control the decision-making process instead of a judge rendering a verdict on time and money spent on your children.

The Process Of Modifying Child Support And Custody

Modifying custody requires a material and substantial change of circumstances that directly affect the well-being of the children in a meaningful way. Mediation is required before taking the case to court.

Child support is based on the gross income of both parties; the number of days parents spend with their children; and the expenses involving day care, health insurance, medical care and other children from separate relationships. Modifications require at least a 15 percent difference. A petition must be filed. The process is not automatic based on a reduction or increase in income.

Regardless of the type of modification or reason for the change, animosity between parents and continuing court battles are harmful and not in the best interests of the children.

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Mitzi C. Johnson is candid in all dealings with her clients. She will not tell you what you want to hear when it comes to your chances of getting a modification. She sets clear expectations and is upfront in explaining the odds of success.

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