Division Of Marital Property In Collierville

A Tennessee Pension Division Attorney

High asset divorces involve complexities in dividing valuable marital property. You need an attorney who combines experience with a thorough knowledge of qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO). You need a dedicated advocate who will attend to every detail and take a forensic approach in identifying all assets.

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Dividing property in any type of divorce can create conflict between divorcing spouses. While one side may feel wronged, fault is not a consideration in the division of assets. Settlements are the best strategy as it moves the process along and saves legal fees spent on divorce litigation.

In today's real estate market, few spouses fight over the family home. Many of our clients are "underwater" and owe more on a mortgage than the house is worth. Their goals often involve walking away from what has become a financial burden.

  • Retirement accounts
  • Pension plans
  • Stock portfolios
  • Money markets
  • IRAs
  • Bank accounts
  • Collectible items of value

If you chose to be a stay-at-home parent, you may not be aware of the entire financial picture involving assets acquired during your marriage. Formal discovery is necessary to identify the assets and determine their value, including a detailed review of tax returns and bank, mortgage and 401(k) statements. Forensic investigations and business valuations are equally helpful in not only determining value of the marital estate, but also finding any hidden assets and monies.

While equitable division of property can be achieved through mediation, Mitzi C. Johnson prepares all cases for trial. Regardless of the venue, she focuses on your best interests.

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