Parental Relocation

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It is widely documented that children benefit from having both of their parents in their lives in some capacity. Even if their parents are divorced, they should be involved in their children's lives. Unfortunately, custody disputes have the potential of tearing children away from one parent.

If you have custody of your child and the opportunity to benefit you or your child by relocating, you must first make your intentions clear to the other parent. Whether you are seeking to relocate or prevent relocation, Mitzi C. Johnson, Attorney at Law, in Collierville, Tennessee, can help make sure your parental rights are protected.

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How the Relocation Process Works in Tennessee

Whether someone is relocating to California or just across the border in Arkansas, a strict process must be followed if children are involved. Any custodial parent wishing to relocate out of state or more than 100 miles away within Tennessee must send written notice to the other parent at least sixty (60) days prior to the impending relocation pursuant to statute. The terms to be included in such notice are statutory and must be strictly followed. The non-relocating parent has thirty (30) days in which to file an objection to the relocation with the Court; otherwise, the relocating parent shall be allowed to move.

Tennessee courts will consider a number of factors when determining whether to permit the relocation including:

  • Is there a reasonable purpose for the move such as an employment opportunity?
  • Have both parents spent equal time with the child?
  • Is the relocation for vindictive purposes to exclude the other parent's parenting time?

A Track Record of Success You Can Count On

Mitzi C. Johnson has won cases on both sides of relocation disputes representing both mothers and fathers. If your parental rights are at stake, you need her experience and skill on your side. Contact her today to schedule an appointment.