Experienced Paternity Lawyer in Collierville, Tennessee

In family law, a variety of issues depend on establishing paternity. With more and more children born out of wedlock, paternity is an important step in ensuring that people can protect their parental rights and be involved in the lives of their children. Mitzi C. Johnson, Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping both mothers and fathers establish legal paternity.

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Mitzi C. Johnson works closely with her clients to help them establish or disprove paternity. These issues have a significant impact on the lives of parents and children, and she is dedicated to ensuring the rights of her clients are fully protected during any paternity action.

What Is at Stake?

There is a lot at stake in determining paternity. A broad range of rights and responsibilities come with the legitimation of paternity including:

The Time to Act Is Now to Claim Your Fathers' Rights

If you are a father considering filing for parental rights, it is in your interest to file now. If you claim paternity at a later date, you could be held responsible for paying past child support payments based on your current income. Also, having your parental rights properly recognized opens the door to being involved in your child's life and enjoying fatherhood.

If you are involved in a paternity action, you need skilled legal counsel from an experienced paternity attorney. To discuss your legal needs with an attorney, contact Mitzi C. Johnson today to schedule an appointment.